Relationship Marketing – make it work, it’s easy.

One of the biggest advantages of building a relationship with your clients is that it allows you to get their life time value and do business with them over and over again. This is why relationship marketing is highly important. Relationship marketing and establishing a good foundation are two areas you should be focusing on if you want to see better results from your business. To improve your relationship with your clients, you can use the following three simple tips to developing a great referral program:

1. Make it easy! What is it that your clients really want? They want an easier way of doing things. Give it to them. Offer them a simpler way.  Avoid confusion in the process altogether.

2. Give your clients a reason to be loyal, by giving them what they want.  Giving something of value to your clients free of charge will not only gain you their respect but also their business.  We all love getting things for free, especially when they are of our interest. Don’t send the message that you’re trying to take advantage of your clients by offering them freebies that are useless but instead show them how much you appreciate them by giving them something of value to them. This is a gesture that can really be appreciated by your customers.

3. You must understand that relationship marketing is so effective because it allows you to reach out to new clients through the power of referrals from existing clients. Every contact you make with a new person has the ability to spread the word about your services through his/her contacts and this process can become viral.

4. It only takes that first customer to get things rolling in a business that utilizes relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is a great way to grow your business right out of the gate. There really isn’t a better way to get the word out about your business and products.

5. You also should understand that not all relationship marketing has to do with the marketing you’re used to. In a real way you’re building a relationship with people and not marketing. It’s easy to sell your services to existing clients, and that is why you should never drop the relationship marketing ball with them. It doesn’t matter what services you provide, you can get more out of your efforts if your clients start seeing you positively.

You have the unique advantage of knowing your customers on a personal level.  Give them more than they expect and watch as your customers begin to do the marketing for you.


Hot marketing tips for this week

Ballo0ons. Yes – balloons.  Have balloons with your logo, phone number etc at your open house. Kids love balloons. When parent’s come over to your open house and they bring their kids – offer them a free balloon – they will be walking with your name out there all day long – and you don’t have to pay them!

Cost 14-25c/balloon

Business cards. Now don’t just leave those cards in your pocket! Give them out, to anyone, everywhere.  Heck, just leave them laying around, or in library books, or anywhere your potential clients may see them. Everywhere, all the time.

Cost $60/250, $80/500

Flyers. Community cork boards are everywhere. Try putting up a flier or two on these boards…cheap and easy, and you never know who will read them.  Local Starbucks or other coffee shop might be willing to put a flyer of your local listing. It never hurts to ask!

Reciprocity Advertising. Talk to local business owners and explore cross promotion you may be able to do with them. Add their coupons to your fliers/postcards. They are probably in the same boat as you, and would be willing to work out a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of marketing campaign. How hot are deals on livingsocial or groupon?

Video Testimonials / Interviews. Better than just you on video ask some satisfied client to take part in an interview where they talk about you and what you do. This is the best social proof that you don’t suck! And don’t forget to put it on your FB page, website, blog and anything else you can think of.

Marketing Tip: Increase Your Online Visibility

Every realtor and any small or big business owner are trying their best to make a name for themselves online. It isn’t easy, and while it’s hard enough to even establish an online presence in the first place, it’s even harder to maintain a positive brand image over time. It isn’t something that magically happens. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up brand visibility and brand equity online but it’s time well spent since it will result in establishing trust with your target audience and with the search engines which are two key factors to online marketing success.

Here are 3 ways to increase online brand visibility:

Produce Quality Content

Obviously, you need to have a website filled with lots of useful information but that’s not where your content marketing strategy should end. The more “real estate” that you have online, the better. Remember, content shouldn’t be a sales pitch for your  service. The content that you produce should provide some benefit to your target audience and establish yourself  as a trusted real estate expert. By producing quality blog posts, videos, articles, whitepaper, E-books, and more you will gain a certain level of trust with target audience members and the search engines which will establish your brand identity.

Form Relationships with Others

As they say, “location, location, location”. While the content marketing piece is extremely important to build brand visibility, where those articles, whitepapers, E-books, etc. are found plays a large role in its success. It’s necessary to attract the attention of the right target audience. This is why it’s important to reach out to and cultivate relationships with influential people in the industry, bloggers in particular. By establishing a relationship and a level of trust with the owner of a popular industry blog that gets thousands of unique visitors a day, you may be asked to become a guest contributor which may even lead to becoming a regular writer. Comment on their posts, ask them questions, express your opinions.  Gaining support from a trusted industry expert passes authority on to you which builds brand equity and will also result in increased traffic to your site.

Develop an Online Community

Social media is great for brand building online. Of course, it requires developing a strong social media strategy. You simply can’t sign up for an account and expect that to help your cause. You need to be active and post content daily while taking the time to interact with followers. In social media, your fans and followers are your greatest asset. As long as you post quality content, they will share it, Like it, and re-tweet it to their followers expanding your brand visibility. While it’s certainly important to be active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there are numerous smaller and niche social networking sites that may be a good fit for your business that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Marketing Tip: Get maximum mileage out of your marketing pieces

First, use your flyers for more than just farming.  The least expensive is to order an ample supply of copies and distribute them to clients and prospects every chance you get. When you send literature in response to an inquiry, include a flyer.  This reminds a prospect of the reason he responded in the first place and reinforces the original message. Turn the flyer into a data sheet by adding additional information i.e financing options or 1031 exchange information. This eliminates the expense of creating a new layout from scratch. And it makes good advertising sense, because the reader gets double exposure to your  message. Flyers can be used as inexpensive direct mail pieces. You can mail the copies along with a reply card and a  letter.  Add the flyer to your listing presentation/ buyer’s packet. Use your flyers again and again. Repetition is the key. You will save money–and increase frequency–in the process.


Marketing Tip of the day: Property flyer/brochure prior to your listing presentation

Prior to going on the actual listing presentation make sure you have a color brochure of the property and make it the first page of your marketing plan/listing presentation.  A picture of the front of the property would suffice. You can also copy the front picture from Google Maps (ask me how). You can add other pictures after you get the listing.

This strategy says you’re prepared and ready to begin marketing now.

Have it designed by a professional to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The cost of  $25/page  is nearly nothing, but can significantly increase your chances for getting the listing.

Marketing tip: “We moved!” Great way to advertise after you sell a property

After you sell a property offer to send change of addresses to the friends of your sellers and/or your buyers after they close.  Have the picture of the family on the front with a “we’ve moved”  title.  On the back put a message from the family to the people they are notifying of the address change. This side should have your picture and logo on it and a message that tells their friends that if they ever consider a move you would be someone they would recommend handling the job. This is a very inexpensive way to get your name out!

Free marketing tip for today: Let your clients advertise for you

Give your sellers a stack of business card size cards with a picture of their house and some basic information on the front and your contact information on the back. Instruct them to give those cards out to everyone they come in contact with. Just about everyone knows someone who is looking for a house and a business card is so convenient for passing around!

Cost: $60.00 / 250 cards   –  including design,printing & delivery  |  562.666.1496