Relationship Marketing – make it work, it’s easy.

One of the biggest advantages of building a relationship with your clients is that it allows you to get their life time value and do business with them over and over again. This is why relationship marketing is highly important. Relationship marketing and establishing a good foundation are two areas you should be focusing on if you want to see better results from your business. To improve your relationship with your clients, you can use the following three simple tips to developing a great referral program:

1. Make it easy! What is it that your clients really want? They want an easier way of doing things. Give it to them. Offer them a simpler way.  Avoid confusion in the process altogether.

2. Give your clients a reason to be loyal, by giving them what they want.  Giving something of value to your clients free of charge will not only gain you their respect but also their business.  We all love getting things for free, especially when they are of our interest. Don’t send the message that you’re trying to take advantage of your clients by offering them freebies that are useless but instead show them how much you appreciate them by giving them something of value to them. This is a gesture that can really be appreciated by your customers.

3. You must understand that relationship marketing is so effective because it allows you to reach out to new clients through the power of referrals from existing clients. Every contact you make with a new person has the ability to spread the word about your services through his/her contacts and this process can become viral.

4. It only takes that first customer to get things rolling in a business that utilizes relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is a great way to grow your business right out of the gate. There really isn’t a better way to get the word out about your business and products.

5. You also should understand that not all relationship marketing has to do with the marketing you’re used to. In a real way you’re building a relationship with people and not marketing. It’s easy to sell your services to existing clients, and that is why you should never drop the relationship marketing ball with them. It doesn’t matter what services you provide, you can get more out of your efforts if your clients start seeing you positively.

You have the unique advantage of knowing your customers on a personal level.  Give them more than they expect and watch as your customers begin to do the marketing for you.


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